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Arts & Crafts Style Bungalow
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Historic Site Built in 1913
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San Diego
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Crone's Cobblestone Cottage ponder post
Crone's Cobblestone Cottage ponder post quote
Crone's Cobblestone Cottage sidewalk quote

If you should find yourself strolling through Mission Hills (or, if you have exited The Cottage by its front door and turned left at the bottom of the stairs), you'll likely notice the Ponder Post there. It stands out because it doesn't quite belong, or perhaps because it belongs a little bit too well. It doesn't look to be of municipal issue, and it isn't. It's a site specific art piece.
On the Post there is a Ponder …

If you come back another day, the quotes will likely have changed.

Something to lift your spirits or make you smile.
Delightful for walking with secret resting spots and pocket parks.
Decorative Arts and Crafts Squares